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Jeremy Sisto, born on October 6, 1974, in Grass Valley, California, stands as a charismatic example of the harmonious qualities associated with the Libra zodiac sign. As an American actor, his career has been punctuated by versatile roles and a magnetic on-screen presence, reflecting the diplomatic and balanced nature inherent in Libra personalities.

Introduction to Jeremy Sisto

Attribute Information
Name Jeremy Sisto
Birth Date October 6, 1974
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birthplace Grass Valley, California, USA
Occupation Actor
Notable Roles Elton in “Clueless,” Billy Chenowith in “Six Feet Under,” Detective Cyrus Lupo in “Law & Order”
Filmography Includes roles in “Suburgatory,” “Wrong Turn,” and “Break Point”
Television Well-known for his work in various TV series, including “Six Feet Under” and “Suburgatory”
Family Comes from a family involved in the entertainment industry; sister is actress Meadow Sisto
Education Attended Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, Illinois
Personal Life Married to Addie Lane, with whom he has children
Other Interests Enjoys playing poker and has participated in celebrity poker tournaments
Trivia Auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson in “Titanic” but lost to Leonardo DiCaprio
Recognition Received critical acclaim for his performances in both film and television
Social Media Active on social media platforms, sharing insights into his personal and professional life

Versatility in Notable Roles:

Sisto’s acting repertoire is a testament to the adaptability often linked to Libra individuals. From portraying Elton in the cult classic “Clueless” to the complex character of Detective Cyrus Lupo in “Law & Order,” Sisto effortlessly navigates diverse roles across film and television. His ability to embody multifaceted characters mirrors the Libran quest for balance and harmony.


Television and Film Accolades:

Well-known for his contributions to both the small and big screens, Sisto’s noteworthy roles extend to television series such as “Six Feet Under” and “Suburgatory,” as well as films like “Wrong Turn” and “Break Point.” His performances have earned critical acclaim, underscoring the Libran knack for leaving a lasting, positive impression in their endeavors.


Personal and Professional Harmony:

In both his personal and professional life, Sisto exemplifies the Libran pursuit of harmony. His active engagement on social media platforms offers fans insights into his balanced lifestyle, while his commitment to family and marriage aligns with the Libran desire for harmonious relationships.


Beyond Acting:

Sisto’s interests extend beyond the silver screen. His participation in celebrity poker tournaments reveals a Libran penchant for engaging in activities that balance skill and chance. His diverse interests contribute to the well-rounded and sociable persona often associated with Libra individuals.



In the realm of Libra celebrities, Jeremy Sisto radiates the charm and equilibrium characteristic of his zodiac sign. His versatile career, commitment to balance, and engaging personality showcase the enduring influence of a Libran spirit in the dynamic world of entertainment. Sisto stands as a harmonious force, weaving a tapestry of success and balance throughout his multifaceted career.

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