What is Best to Do During Mercury Retrograde in Leo? A Full Guide

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that occurs when the planet Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit from our perspective on Earth. This optical illusion happens because Earth and Mercury have different orbital speeds around the Sun. When Earth overtakes Mercury, it creates the appearance that Mercury is moving in reverse. Despite this backward motion being an illusion, it has significant symbolic implications in astrology.

Mercury retrograde is not about Mercury causing problems directly. Instead, it serves as a symbol for our mind and perception. In astrology, Mercury governs communication, travel, technology, and thought processes. During its retrograde phase, these areas are believed to be influenced in ways that can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and disruptions. It’s a time for reflection and reevaluation, rather than initiating new ventures.


The Power of “Re” Words

During Mercury retrograde, it’s beneficial to focus on activities that involve “re” words, such as re-vision, re-work, and re-do. This period is ideal for finishing and fine-tuning existing projects rather than starting new ones. By embracing these “re” activities, you align with the reflective nature of Mercury retrograde, making it a time of constructive review and improvement.


Re-vision and Re-work

Take this time to revisit and revise ongoing projects. This could mean going over reports, rechecking data, or refining your strategies. If you’re working on a creative project, use this period to edit and polish your work. Reworking existing plans and projects ensures they are as strong and comprehensive as possible.


Re-do and Reflect

Redoing tasks and reflecting on past actions are also beneficial. Perhaps there are things you wish you had done differently; now is the time to correct those. Reflection allows you to gain insights and learn from past experiences, which can be invaluable for future endeavors.


Business Strategies During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde in Leo offers a prime opportunity to revisit your brand strategy. Evaluate whether your current offerings and marketing efforts align with your broader goals. This period is excellent for assessing your brand’s direction and making necessary adjustments to ensure it resonates with your target audience.

1. Review Brand Assets

Take a close look at your brand assets, including logos, fonts, colors, and visuals. Ensure that they accurately represent your brand identity and message. If any of these elements feel outdated or inconsistent, now is the time to refresh and align them with your brand’s vision.

2. Refine Messaging

Clear and effective communication is crucial, especially during Mercury retrograde in Leo. Refine your messaging to ensure it’s clear, concise, and aligned with your audience’s needs and expectations. Review all your communication channels, including social media, email marketing, and website content, to maintain consistency and clarity.

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3. Update Website

Your website is a critical touchpoint for your audience. Use this time to review and update your website’s copy, functionality, and design. Ensure that all links work, information is up-to-date, and the user experience is seamless. A well-maintained website enhances credibility and engagement with your audience.

4. Reflect on Routines

Optimize your time management by reflecting on your daily routines. Identify areas where you can improve efficiency and productivity. Consider outsourcing tasks that consume valuable time but are not core to your business. Streamlining your routines can free up time for strategic thinking and planning.

5. Review Finances

Financial clarity is essential for making informed decisions. During Mercury retrograde in Leo, take the time to review your finances. Get familiar with your financial statements, assess your spending, and identify areas where you can make intentional adjustments. Being proactive with your finances can lead to better stability and growth.

6. Declutter Workspace

A cluttered workspace can lead to distractions and reduced productivity. Use this period to organize both your physical and digital spaces. Declutter your desk, sort through files, and streamline your digital storage. An organized workspace fosters a clear mind and efficient work habits.

7. Take Breaks

Prioritize relaxation and mental health by taking regular breaks. Consider a social media detox to reduce distractions and stress. Allowing yourself time to recharge can improve focus and creativity when you return to work.

8. Dream and Plan

Although Mercury retrograde is not ideal for starting new projects, it’s a perfect time for dreaming and planning. Envision the future and outline your long-term goals. Create strategic plans that you can implement once the retrograde period ends. This reflective period can provide valuable insights and direction for your future endeavors.

What Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde

1. Avoid Impulsive Decisions

Impulsive decisions can lead to unforeseen complications, especially during Mercury retrograde in Leo. Take your time to think through your choices and consider the potential consequences. Avoid making hasty decisions that you might later regret.

2. Refrain from Launching New Offerings or Campaigns

Launching new offerings or campaigns during Mercury retrograde can be risky. The potential for miscommunication, technical glitches, and other issues is higher. Instead, focus on refining and perfecting your plans, so they are ready for launch after the retrograde period.

3. Steer Clear of Buying Electronics or Signing Contracts

Purchasing electronics or signing contracts can be fraught with problems during Mercury retrograde. Misunderstandings, technical issues, and unforeseen complications are more likely. If possible, delay these activities until Mercury goes direct to ensure smoother transactions and clearer agreements.

Embrace Mercury Retrograde in Leo

1. Harnessing the Energy of Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Mercury retrograde in Leo brings a unique energy that can be harnessed for personal and professional growth. Leo’s influence encourages creativity, self-expression, and leadership. Use this time to reflect on your personal and professional goals and how you present yourself to the world.

2. Express Creativity

Leo’s creative influence can inspire you to express your creativity in new and exciting ways. Whether through art, writing, or other forms of expression, let your creative side shine. Revisit old projects and infuse them with new life and ideas.

3. Evaluate Leadership Style

Leo is a sign associated with leadership and confidence. Reflect on your leadership style and how you can improve it. Consider feedback from colleagues and team members, and think about ways to enhance your leadership skills and inspire those around you.

4. Focus on Self-Expression

Mercury retrograde in Leo is a time to focus on self-expression and how you communicate your identity. Reevaluate your personal and professional image, and make adjustments that reflect your true self. Authentic self-expression can lead to greater confidence and success.


Mercury retrograde in Leo presents an opportunity for introspection, reflection, and refinement. By embracing the “re” words, revisiting your brand strategy, and refining your communication, you can navigate this period with clarity and purpose. Avoid impulsive decisions, launching new projects, and signing contracts, but use this time to dream, plan, and envision your future. Harness the creative and expressive energy of Leo to enhance your personal and professional growth. With thoughtful planning and reflection, Mercury retrograde in Leo can become a powerful period of positive transformation and preparation for future success.

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